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4 Steps to a Rockin’ Resume

Posted by Johanna Hummel on Jan 10, 2017 8:54:10 AM

steps to a rockin' resume

Happy New Year and welcome back to “Workplace Reality with Raquel”! January is a busy time for job seekers and employers alike looking for a fresh start to the new year. That’s why I’ve asked one of Temporary Solutions, Inc.’s recruiters, Johanna Hummel, to share some of her HR expertise. Read her blog below:

Writing your resume can be a daunting task. It's tough to outline all of your awesome accomplishments and experience in a concise and clean style. Get started on your 2017 resolutions by following my 4 steps to a rockin' resume.

1. Stay Consistent with Formatting

Your best and safest bet to applying fonts to a resume are threefold:

  1. Keep all fonts relatively the same size; there should be little variation in size unless your title or your name is slightly larger than the remaining lines.
  2. Maintain only one type of font throughout.
  3. Set your font as an option that helps your resume exude professionalism (examples: Arial, Times New Roman, Cambria, etc.)

Margins should be kept consistent throughout the resume as well; if you decide to indent the employer name, do so in the entire resume for each employer. This is important to keep throughout because it helps the recruiter view your information at a quick glance. Each applicant’s resume receives just one glance over, so make it shine quickly with clean formatting.

As with margins and fonts, the key to good format is also consistency. If you begin writing the city and state for each job, write that information for every position you have worked. The same goes with putting the month on each job; either have it in each position or simply stick with years.


2. Use Proper Grammar


When writing your bullets for duties completed in each role you’ve previously held, it is important to have the proper tenses. If this is a position you are currently in, your job duties should be bulleted in a manner that reflects the present tense. Example:

  • Reviewing resumes of candidates for Temporary Solutions, Inc.


  • Reviewed resumes of candidates during internship.


3. Prioritize Your Experience

giphy (1).gif

Highlight your most applicable job duties in the first bullets listed and change the manner you articulate your experience based upon the job description or job posting for which you are applying. Again, employers have under a minute on average to scan your resume, so why not include the lingo they are looking for and highlight your experience that reflects what they are searching for?


4. Cater your Resume to the Job Description(s)

Catering your resume depending on the position you are applying for will go a long way as your potential employer or recruiters delve through stacks and stacks of resumes. Adapting your experience to match the position you are applying for is going to give you a lot more looks than your generic version.

Looking for multiple types of positions? Keep multiple resumes! Submitting your resume to match the of your opportunity will go a long way in applying for a position. It lets an employer know you are prepared, serious about the opportunity and you are confident in showcasing your abilities.


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