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7 Reasons You Should Hire a Veteran

Posted by Jen Ray on Oct 25, 2016 6:00:00 AM

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Last year I had a personal mission to get out and connect with our military service members. On a Friday afternoon I got in my car, mapped out all the recruiting centers in my area and started to shake hands. It was an amazing afternoon to say the least! I started many great relationships that day.

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Baldovin with the Wisconsin Employment Resource Connection (WERC) program was one of the people I was referred to that day. Baldovin helps National Guard members with the skills needed to find employment. From interviewing skills to putting Guard members in touch with employers, he does it all.

A couple of weeks ago while conducting mock interviews with Baldovin, I asked him to help me come up with some points on why employers should hire a veteran or active National Guard Member. These points are brought to you by SSG Baldovin.

1. Leadership

From the moment you join the military, a leadership role is something you quickly step into. For example, in the civilian world it is very uncommon for a 23-year-old to lead a team; however, for a military member of that age, leadership is expected. Veterans are natural leaders.

2. Unique Skill Sets

Almost every military role for every Service branch has a civilian duplicate. This includes roles within the medical, law enforcement, administrative, mechanical and logistical sectors, just to name a few. These skills are easily translatable to civilian careers.

3. Training

Constant training is the key to success in the military, as is workforce training in the civilian world. Veterans are easily trainable and enjoy the process of learning through action.

4. Values

Every organization lives by a set of values written next to its mission statement. The military is no exception. Veterans honor and respect guidelines and find value in upholding them.

5. Diversity

Hiring a veteran provides an avenue for embracing thought diversity. Veterans have been rigorously trained and disciplined in a way unlike any other. They are also well-traveled. Veterans represent less than seven percent of the population and are guaranteed to provide a positive influence on co-workers and leadership.

6. Teamwork

Every military member is expected to work with others to achieve a collective goal--the basic foundation for any organization. Veterans thrive in this type of environment and will feel comfortable collaborating with fellow employees to get a job done.

7. Proven

Every veteran has proven themselves through passing tests, upholding strict values and serving their country to protect our liberties and freedoms. A veteran will no doubt prove themselves to you.


Visit Hero 2 Hired (H2H), a free “military monster” connecting HR with Veterans.
Reach out to your local Department of Workforce Development Center. Each location will have Veterans Case workers.

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