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Winning an Unemployment Hearing: 6 Tips for Employers

on Mar 16, 2017 6:28:00 AM By | Michael McPherson | 0 Comments | Workforce Human Resources
Firing an employee, delivering a not-so-great annual review, policing employee conflict–there are many uncomfortable tasks that fall on the shoulders of an HR manager. But when asked what part of their job makes them most nervous, a common answer is unemployment hearings.
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Unemployment Audits – Take Control of Your UI Costs

on Mar 15, 2017 6:59:00 AM By | Michael McPherson | 0 Comments | Unemployment
Unemployment costs are beginning to come down from all time highs over the last 6 or 7 years, but they are still one of the most expensive employer costs. Why then, do most employers take for granted that their tax rates and the charges to their Unemployment Insurance (UI) reserve accounts are correct? Honestly, it is because most employers do not know that many of these charges (and therefore, their UI tax rate) are incorrect.
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