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How Will Technology Impact the Future of Recruiting?

Posted by Don Charlton on Dec 2, 2016 6:47:00 AM

the future of recruiting

The future of recruiting depends on the future of technology. As we’ve seen, man hangs on for dear life as technology progresses. The person (or company) who understands the progress of tomorrow will have a leg up on the competition.

Here are three elements that will define the future of recruiting.

Big data

In the future, hard data will inform hiring decisions. Gut feelings and personality will always play key roles in recruiting (for better or worse), but data will help recruiters quantify many of the decision-making factors (previously left to opinions and group-think).

What if all of your applicants had specific scores, and then those scores could be attributed to specific applicant sources? You could focus your efforts on the sources that return your favorite applicants. That’s just one application of big data changing the recruiting game. Imagine how statistical analysis and better understanding of influencing factors could impact your recruiting process.

Mobile recruiting

Look around your office as you walk through it. The next time you’re out in public, peek around at those glowing objects in the hands of most of the people around you. Cell phones and tablets are everywhere, all the time. Recruiting will soon be right in the mobile mix. If applicants can’t find your job on their smartphones or tablets, don’t expect them to search for you on their desktop (if they even exist in the future).

Some applicants may keep looking, but those ultra-talented passive candidates probably won’t go through the trouble. To get top-tier talent in the door, you need to lower the barriers between you and them. A solution to getting talent into your organization may be a simple application through mobile apps.


Recruiting across social media has taken HR by storm. It may not have had its total impact yet, either. We doubt social networks will fall off the face of the map, but odds are they will change and evolve just like every IT and HR trend in the past.

Mastering social recruiting doesn’t matter if recruiters in the future aren’t mastering their relationships within it. Social media will become more and more saturated, so it will be the recruiter’s responsibility to stand out. Standing out means creating value with helpful information and maintaining relationships across networks.

Sounds great, but we’ll see…

Do these examples sound as if they’re already taking hold? Hmm… maybe the future is closer than we suspect.

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Don Charlton is the CEO and founder of The Resumator, a Pittsburgh-based company founded in 2009. The Resumator provides a social hiring platform to companies of all sizes. Boasting over 10,000 users, it has helped over 1,300 companies generate 1.5 million resumes in only three short years and is also the chosen hiring system of Pinterest, Instagram and Atari, among others. Charlton can be reached at editor@mamumediallc.com or via Twitter at @Dontrepreneur.

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