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Using surveys to improve client and employee satisfaction

Posted by Colleen Clokus on Jan 23, 2017 6:46:00 AM


Employment Enterprises, Inc. is committed to not only exceeding our client’s and employee’s expectations, but to continuously improving and customizing our services. With today’s diverse and changing employment market, we strive to understand the challenges our clients and employees face on a daily basis and work to customize solutions to meet those needs.

To do this, we go straight to the source. We are not afraid to solicit honest feedback from both our employees and the clients. We view their feedback and yes, even their occasional complaints, as opportunities to learn. Learning what caused the problem and finding the solution to preventing future issues, helps us grow and could reveal changes that improve the work environment.


How we gather employee feedback

If your business has employees, those employees have opinions. We value constructive feedback and utilize a survey tool called Survey Monkey. We start from the beginning of our employee’s experience applying for work with us and continue to survey employee satisfaction throughout their career with us. Sample survey questions may include:

  • Was our website easy to navigate?
  • How easy was your experience with our web-based on-line application and electronic on-boarding?
  • Did you enjoy the assignment?
  • Were you provided with all the information needed to make the assignment a success?
  • Were we responsive to any needs or questions you had while on the assignment?
  • Did you experience any problems with our on-line timekeeping system?
  • Were you satisfied with the ease of obtaining payroll or other information from our employee portal?
  • Could you provide feedback once the assignment is complete? Would you like to return to our client if asked?
  • Did you obtain any new skills while on the assignment?
  • Are you available for future assignments?


Soliciting client feedback is equally important

We all know that some clients will not tell you if they are unhappy with your service or product. They will simply move on to another option or vendor. That is why it is critical to ASK for performance feedback. It may not always be pleasant to hear but it is an opportunity to improve, learn and create new solutions to your client’s specific challenges or service preferences. Sample client survey questions include:

  • Were the workforce solutions we offered tailored to your specific requests?
  • Were you satisfied with our response time?
  • Did our employee arrive promptly on their first day?
  • Did we make the right fit combining both skills and personality?
  • Were you contacted during the course of the assignment for quality assurance?
  • Did you experience any issues with our on-line timekeeping system or invoicing?
  • Would you request our employee for future assignments?

So, please don’t view surveys as a chore! They are critical to any service provider and absolutely help businesses redefine and improve their products or services. Employment Enterprises, Inc. is committed to their clients and employees and that commitment is reflected in our 97% client retention rate. By surpassing client and employee expectations, we have built strong partnerships from our proactive approach to customer service.


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