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Why You Should Avoid Hiring Cookie Cutter Employees

Posted by Amanda Groves on Jan 12, 2017 12:04:16 PM


Don’t hire that cookie cutter employee – pleads Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace. Although it is very tempting to hire the candidate that checks off every item on your list of hiring requirements, Ryan advises this could be a stagnating decision.

“The only organization that would benefit from the arrival of a cookie cutter employee is one that plans to shut itself off from the world,” says Ryan. “Closing yourself off from signals streaming in from the Reality Channel is a dangerous business move. As comforting as it is to hire someone who has done the job before, don’t do it!”

To identify a cookie cutter employee, Ryan points to some telltale characteristics:

  • Lack of curiosity. If your candidate is not interested in learning what might be different about your organization, its goals or challenges – they’re probably cookie cutter.

  • One trick pony. If you look at your candidate’s resume and they list the same bulleted skills & achievements for each job – they’re likely cookie cutter.

  • Close minded. If the candidate is not open to new technologies, processes and or ideas, insisting on only reusing tracks from their personal record of greatest hits – they’re cookie cutter!

Conversely – here’s what you SHOULD be looking for in your new hire:

  • Smart. Well that’s (hopefully) implicit to your hiring strategy. But the candidate should have a natural curiosity about your business, market opportunity and ideas for innovation.

  • Intuitive. According to Ryan, look for someone who uses more than just data to make decisions. Hire someone fun, creative and warm who will be a human at work.

  • Strong-minded. Look for strong opinions – someone who is up for the debate and can challenge the norm. These personalities will shake-up your organization breathing in new life, change and progress.

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