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Recruiters, Adopt an Infinite Mindset in 2020

on Feb 12, 2020 9:45:00 AM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Recruiting Recruitment Improvement
According to author and TED speaker Simon Sinek, “a worthy rival inspires us to take on an attitude of improvement.” That’s part of what he calls the infinite mindset. This infinite mindset is what Sinek believes differentiates businesses that think ahead versus those that live in the past. “Business is a journey without a final destination,” he says. “The goal is not to win but keep playing.”
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Has the College Degree Lost Its Luster?

on Dec 11, 2018 4:00:43 PM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Employer Degrees Applicants
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Make Your Job Posting Stand out with SEO and SEM

on Feb 28, 2018 3:00:23 PM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | jobs Jobposting SEM SEO
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Hiring the Wrong Salespeople Costs More Than You Think

on Dec 8, 2017 4:12:23 PM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | hiring new hires Sales Cost Business
The costs of hiring the wrong salesperson stack up. Combinations of time, money, and resources are invested with little or no return on the employer’s investment. Few people would argue otherwise. In fact, according to an Undercover Recruiter article, the average bottom line cost of a bad hire is $840,000 over the course of two and a half years. Hiring the wrong salesperson is even more costly than most positions.
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Ask These 8 Question to Fix Employee Turnover

on Nov 3, 2017 2:44:26 PM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Training Retention Leadership Turnover Employee
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Attracting Better Talent Can Start with a Simple "Thank You"

on Feb 24, 2017 6:30:00 AM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Recruiting Workforce
Remember the good old days when it was HR who expected a thank you note from a candidate after the interview? Well a convergence of events has flipped the tables and now some companies have found that sending thank you notes to candidates is a good way to acquire top talent.
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How Personal Bias Shapes Hiring Decisions

on Jan 31, 2017 6:29:00 AM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Recruiting Blogs Labor & Industrial Insights
No matter how much companies strive to develop great interviewing practices, perfection remains elusive. Management isn’t completely oblivious to this problem, of course, and continues to try (often at significant cost) to improve the process. Better interview questions, more structured formats, more training–all of these efforts can make interviewing a bit better. Ultimately, though, they still fall short.
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Hiring Employees with Integrity

on Dec 23, 2016 6:23:00 AM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Human Resources Insights
How do you interview for integrity? That’s a question Tom Foster asked in a recent post on his blog. His reply: “You can interview for anything that you can connect to behavior.” The first step in the process seems obvious. How does a person who has integrity behave?
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Culture Fit? There's an App for that!

on Oct 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Recruiting Company Culture Technology
Culture fit is very often the determining factor on whether an employee stays at a job long-term. With one out of two workers quitting before 18 months, managers could use some help. Despite years of urging hiring managers and HR professionals to focus employee selection on culture and team fit, many hiring decisions still ignore attitude and personal values, especially at a time when skilled workers are scarce and unfilled jobs plague many businesses. When the education and experience fits, it seems to blind managers to the fact that no matter how good the wings, pigs won't fly.
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7 Most Common Reasons Why Succession Plans Fail

on Dec 17, 2015 4:29:22 PM By | Ira S Wolfe | 0 Comments | Workforce Retention
Faced with changing demographics and skilled worker shortages, many companies will be unable to fill job openings from the CEO to the technician. "The Perfect Labor Storm" has already crippled many organizations.
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