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How to recruit for 150 candidates in 5 days

Posted by Raquel DeSouza | Aug 17, 2017 10:49:06 AM

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Imagine if your conference was less than a week away and your staffing agency pulled out of the contract. That was the harsh reality for the Event Planning service that was handling the NBA All-Star Game when it was hosted in Washington, D.C.

Our Executive, Gala Johnson, led Temporary Solutions, Inc.’s recruiting team to hire 150 people in just 5 days. Read below to learn how:

Q: Why did the Event Planning Company for the National Basketball Association reach out to Temporary Solutions, Inc. for this project?

Their original choice for a staffing partner was in New York and that agency had to cancel their contract at the 11th hour. The Event Staffing Agency came to Washington, D.C. to interview four outsourced staffing services and Northern Virginia-based Temporary Solutions, Inc. was chosen. There was a lot to do in little time, so it was full steam ahead to meet the demand.


Q: How much temp talent did they need and what types of jobs were they?

They needed a contingent workforce of 150 total in seven job categories to cover nine locations. The categories included:

  • Mascots for the convention center
  • Transportation Experts
  • Executive Assistants to work with VIPs
  • Greeters for Hospitality Suites
  • Booth Attendants
  • Guards to monitor VIP gift rooms in various Hotels
  • Line Attendants to move large groups of people through NBA free events throughout the Capital


Q: Where did TS, Inc. source On Demand talent from?

We utilized our candidate database, but we also knew we needed a quick influx of new candidates. We tapped into local Universities and Colleges and contacted their Sports and Marketing Departments. These departments released a blast email to students who might be interested in being a part of such a major sporting event.  The response was huge and we called in extra staff to assist in interviews and our structured onboarding program.


Q: What customization of your service did you execute for the NBA?

Our high-touch services including arranging transportation for large groups of workers on days where start times were earlier than public transportation was available. We also created and conducted customized orientations for all categories of jobs to alleviate training time in a short turnaround.


Q: What else was included in your contract?

We conducted group interviews for a consistent and efficient screening process and our team offered 24/7 management in case any fires had to put out.  We also booked a pool of standby workers for last minute needs or short fills.


Q: What was the success of the partnership?

Temporary Solutions met our goal of 100% client fulfillment. The temporary workers arrived on time and ready to work in the hectic and high-energy environment.  It was a big challenge that we met successfully with great team work and creative recruiting efforts. That’s what we do best.


Looking into Outsourced Staffing for your events? Temporary Solutions, Inc.'s experienced recruiters are ready to hire candidates when and where you need them.

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Written by Raquel DeSouza

Raquel DeSouza is the Marketing and Communication Specialist at EE, Inc.

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