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Meet Our GovCon RPO Recruiting Lead

Posted by Raquel DeSouza | May 23, 2017 9:57:14 AM

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Employment Enterprises’ Recruiting Lead, Susan Signorella, has been sourcing professional candidates for us for two and a half years. From niche-skilled engineers to high-level auditors, Susan has led her team to effectively recruit these candidates for our customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. Read below to learn why Susan believes that our RPO is a “no-brainer” solution for your high-level staffing needs.

Q: How long have you been recruiting and what made you want to work in this industry?

A: Since 1996. My father was a recruiter and after I graduated from college with a degree in English, I wanted to be a writer. One day my father took me to his office for one of those father-daughter days; I just observed for the day with meetings and candidates and I thought it was an interesting career. That made me change my mind and segway into recruiting.

Q: How does the EE, Inc. GovCon RPO model differ from traditional staffing?

A: I think if a client needs more than one type of skill level with a consistent pipeline of a certain candidate this is a unique, cost-effective model. For one of our government contracting clients, their contracts require various auditors. My recruiting team is there is to recruit auditors at different pay levels and for different locations across the country, but with the same profile. 

Q: How does the EE, Inc. GovCon RPO model help you and your team succeed?

A: I think it’s a great program because it gives my team and our clients’ a set guideline of monthly deliverables. The deliverable is not the hours our team puts in, but an agreed upon fixed number of vetted, qualified candidates each month. Our team know that we have to deliver X number of candidates; we are working towards a goal as a team every single month.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge with finding, qualified candidates with an active secret clearance?

A: We check their clearance through our JPAS system. But the biggest challenge is that many candidates will indicate on their resume that they hold a secret clearance or a top-secret clearance. When we verift that thru JPAS, we find that it’s not active. If they’re [the candidates] in between contracts, that’s a challenge too. One thing our team does is try to actively recruit our candidates that are currently in positions with active clearances versus relying only on candidates that are currently seeking employment.

Q: How does a recruiter source qualified candidates in today’s tighter talent pool?

A: What our team does is to ask candidates for referrals and that’s been very productive. My team keeps a database of people we reach out to and maintain relationships with. We also dedicate a couple of hours a day to RPO so we don’t fall behind as the month goes by fast.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a recruiter?

A: I think it’s the gratification of finding somebody work who’s not been working for a while. They’re looking for jobs month after month, then you find them something and they’re so excited and thankful. You hear the joy in their voice and that’s always been my favorite part of this job.

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Written by Raquel DeSouza

Raquel DeSouza is the Marketing and Communication Specialist at EE, Inc.

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