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Meet Our Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist in Fredericksburg, VA

Posted by Raquel DeSouza | Jul 25, 2017 9:56:36 AM

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Debra Skinner is Temporary Solution’s expert in recruiting staff for higher learning institutions throughout the State of Virginia.  Debra has been with the Fredericksburg office for 25 years. She joined the team right after college and over the years, has developed a successful and effective sourcing, interviewing and hiring plan for Universities and Colleges throughout the State. These jobs range from Executive Assistants, all levels of Administrative personnel, Accounting and Finance, Customer Service and Housekeeping/Custodial positions.

Read below to learn why Debra believes that Contingent Staffing is a customized fit for Colleges and Universities throughout the State.


Q: What made you want to work in the talent acquisition industry?

A: Just the people part of it. I find that it’s something different every day like the different types of positions, different people and the challenge of finding that perfect match between the client and the candidate.  I’ve also enjoyed all the thank-you’s over the years with candidates returning to me years later for their next career step.  And now I have their children calling me for assistance in their first job!


Q: What makes Temporary Solutions, Inc. unique from other Virginia outsourced staffing firms?

A: What makes us different is how deeply we care about what we do which is clearly reflected in longevity of our team. You don’t see people in this temp talent industry stay as long as this Fredericksburg team has. Kelly, Beth and I have all been here over 20 years each! Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end on Friday at 5:00.  If they have a staffing agency need, we work into the evening and on weekends to do what it takes to get it done.


Q: How do you and the TS, Inc. team work together to be successful?

A: It’s almost like a marriage. We have worked together for so long, that we know what the other person is thinking or what they’re doing and we support each other. All of us have different strengths and when put together, it works extremely well.


Q: What’s the biggest challenge with finding candidates for Colleges and Universities?

A: In all honesty, we have a creative recruitment strategy with targeted social media sourcing that helps us target groups and networks in both the geographical areas and field of experience that our higher learning clients request. Recruiting for positions for a State College or University is a matter of finding people where they live and socialize and let’s face it, most job hunters now are on-line via mobile looking for that first job.  Also, getting a job with a Virginia University or College has much appeal.  Our candidates know that if they can get their foot in the door on the temporary workers' side, they can work towards obtaining a full time position by highlighting their skills and work ethic.


Want to see the potential of outsourcing staffing for your school? Temporary Solutions, Inc. has experienced recruiters that can effectively find hires for a variety of jobs. 

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Written by Raquel DeSouza

Raquel DeSouza is the Marketing and Communication Specialist at EE, Inc.

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