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Emergency Action Plan: Preparing for an Emergency Before It Happens

on Jul 24, 2019 10:11:00 AM By | Strategic Human Resources, Inc. | 0 Comments | Management Preparedness Emergency
The best way to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. The workplace is not immune to emergencies even with the best preparations. Each day, companies across the world deal with small issues like health and safety to major incidents like natural disasters.  While we can’t control the weather to stop hurricanes, tornadoes, or even wildfires, we can help mitigate and prevent some of the smaller issues from turning into larger concerns.
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Workplace Violence: How to Create a Prevention Plan

The potential for workplace violence is a realistic concern for all employers, no matter the industry, location, or employer size. With strategic planning, risk analysis, and other preventive measures, employers can help minimize the risk and be confident they are as prepared as possible.
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