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Don't Make These 7 Costly Mistakes When Employing Remote Workers

There's a massive shift developing from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it's affecting companies across the United States. No, it's not the Great Resignation - although that's been a key factor. We're talking about the shift in perception of remote work.
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How to create an Internship Program that is HR compliant

on Feb 15, 2017 4:21:50 PM By | Raquel DeSouza | 0 Comments | Blogs Original Content Pay-rolling employer of record interns
Let's be frank, managing interns can feel like you're a babysitter. Maybe you experienced the issue yourself or heard compliants from Human Resources colleagues. But believe me that the constant questions and the confusion over filling out orientation paperwork could slow down the efficiency of your HR team. Committing to not only creating, but running an HR compliant internship takes some homework. Take notes on our tips below.
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Internship Program Do’s and Don’ts

on Feb 15, 2017 4:20:25 PM By | Raquel DeSouza | 0 Comments | Blogs Original Content Pay-rolling employer of record interns
Whether your organization has an established internship program or is creating one from scratch, it’s critical to make sure the program is a win-win for both interns and employers. But where does this practice of internships come from? Its origins actually aren’t from the corporate offices or the modern economy, but rather from the Middle Ages. Yes, hundreds of years ago, long-term apprenticeships were established to allow a worker to learn a craft from a “master.”
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How does payroll outsourcing work?

on Dec 19, 2016 1:52:58 PM By | Raquel DeSouza | 0 Comments | Employees Pay-rolling employer of record
  You might be classifying your real estate team as independent contractors for various reasons. But whether the misclassification is intentional or unintentional, it can be a costly liability. It can even lead your company to bankruptcy.  Read below to learn how oustourcing Real Estate pay rolling can help alleviate the confusion, liability and costly burden of managing Real Estate teams.
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