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Effective Strategies for Addressing Meeting Overload

During the pandemic, virtual meetings became a dominant part of the workday for much of the workforce. (In fact, Zoom alone had "300 million daily Zoom meeting participants" by April 2020.1) A survey conducted in July 2020 of 3.1 million workers who went remote following work-from-home orders during the pandemic found that, when compared to prepandemic levels, employees' average workdays were 48.5 minutes longer and included 13 percent more meetings.2 Recent research on "Zoom fatigue" points to physiological factors -- "excessive amounts of close-up eye gaze, cognitive load, increased self-evaluation from staring at video of oneself, and constraints on physical mobility" -- that make virtual meetings considerably more draining than their in-person counterparts.3
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Avoiding the Classic Productivity Drain: Six Alternates to Traditional Meetings

on Jun 10, 2020 9:45:00 AM By | Laura Stack | 0 Comments | Productivity Meetings Time Management
We all know that traditional meetings, while necessary and useful to some extent to make decisions, can be time-wasters; in some companies, they take up most of the day. Then there are the nap-inducing slide presentations, complete with lowered lighting. Whole books have been written about the shortcomings of such meetings, so I won’t belabor them here.
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