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The Power of Perceived Value for Long-Term Retention

on Dec 8, 2021 9:30:00 AM By | Robin Schooling | 0 Comments | Retention Perceived Value
Several years ago, I met an early career HR professional who was debating whether to accept a new job offer. In the previous year, she had received a promotion, attained an HR certification, and greatly expanded her professional network. She enjoyed her job, liked her team, had friends at work, and was very satisfied with her pay. She had job autonomy and was able to implement initiatives that were important to her. Both her direct manager and "the powers that be" regularly provided recognition and kudos, and the organization celebrated milestones (such as birthdays, new babies, and business wins). Yet even though she was what many would consider "happy" in her job, she was looking for something more, and therefore began exploring other opportunities.
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